A Culture of Care for All: Envisioning the LA Model

The juvenile justice system in Los Angeles County has been broken for too long. The outdated, institutional, and sometimes harmful camps that house youth labeled “delinquent” have been just one glaring example. But beyond the system, reform efforts themselves have suffered at times – whether from mistrust, or too often happening in a vacuum or behind closed doors.

A Culture of Care for All: Envisioning the LA Model describes a new approach for treating youth who incarcerated. This report, written by Hailly T.N. Korman (Bellwether Education Partners) and Carly B. Dierkhising (California State University – Los Angeles) captures nearly two years of thought and collaboration by more than 100 stakeholders coordinated by CDF-CA to articulate a shared vision of a new model of juvenile justice in Los Angeles, known as the LA Model. The LA Model has ten essential elements and is replicable across the country. It is both informed and innovative: It is built on the latest research as it draws on promising practices across the country.