Jasmine Pollard

Jasmine A. Pollard is a passionate advocate for education and social justice, with a particular focus on supporting African American families and children.  A proud native of Greenville, Mississippi, Jasmine has dedicated eight years to teaching English in middle and high schools before transitioning into mental health and counseling as a community and family counselor in Pensacola, FL for 2 years she felt a calling to return to Greenville, MS where she is now working as a school-based therapist. her  

Jasmine was introduced to Freedom Schools in 2010 where she served as an SLI in the Mississippi Delta and has been engulfed in the movement ever since. She has worked as a SLI and site coordinator and is now in her third year as an Ella Baker Trainer. She also works with the Children’s Defense Fund’s Welcome Home Young Adult Trainer for Faith-Based Organizations. When she isn’t on Haley Farm, or spending time with her beautiful family and friends, she is working to support children and families facing socioeconomic barriers while promoting social-emotional well-being to keep families together. She firmly believes in the power of education to break the cycle of poverty and oppression and is committed to ensuring that African Americans and other marginalized groups are represented and supported in all aspects of life. 

Through her collaborations with grassroots organizations, school districts, and community groups, Jasmine strives to enhance curriculum, create advocacy programs, and provide spaces for healing and for marginalized families. Jasmine aims to create a more equal and just society where all families and children have the support and resources they need to thrive and succeed. She is a dedicated advocate for Freedom Schools and continues to work towards her vision of a better future for all. 

Jasmine received a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Jackson State University and an M.S in Mental Health and Counseling from Troy University.