Dr. Ameenah Shakir

Affiliated Faculty Florida A&M University

Ameenah Shakir photo

Dr. Ameenah Shakir, Florida A&M University

Dr. Ameenah Shakir is an assistant professor of African American History at Florida A&M University and director of the Candidate Empowerment Center. Her research explores the intersection of race, health and gender. Her book project, Rattling the Collective Consciousness: Dr. Helen Dickens and Health Activism in Post-War America, argues that Black physicians used medical professionalization as a space and place for activism during the Jim Crow and post-Civil Rights eras. Dr. Shakir has taught courses in African American History and Social Studies Education. In 2016–2017, she received a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship. She has presented at several academic conferences, served as a panelist, and was recently featured on the C-SPAN “Lectures in History” series.