CDF Freedom Schools: Banned Books We Love

March 8, 2023 | National

Children’s Defense Fund celebrates National Reading Month with our Banned Book Syllabus: Banned Books We Love. Featuring books from the CDF Freedom Schools® Integrated Reading Curriculum (IRC), our Banned Book Syllabus promotes rich, culturally relevant, and high-quality books for young readers of all ages. The CDF Freedom Schools IRC is a research-based curriculum aimed at empowering K–12 scholars to believe in their ability to make a difference.

CDF’s Banned Book Syllabus highlights books banned in libraries, schools, and institutions across the country.

According to Pen America, of books banned nationwide:

  • 41 percent address issues of race and racism
  • 33 percent address LGBTQIA+ themes or have queer characters
  • 25 percent include sexual encounters or information about puberty and relationships

This is no coincidence; books representing America’s most marginalized children and youth are under attack. Together, we can encourage our nation’s children and young adults to celebrate themselves and all they have in common with others in a multiracial, multicultural democratic society.

Explore our Banned Book Syllabus and help us ensure that youth of all ages see themselves and others in the books they read.