Mrs. Joyce Johnson

Plenary Speaker: “Intergenerational Conversation”

Joyce Johnson

Joyce Johnson’s lifelong activism traces back to her high school days in Richmond, VA, during the civil rights era. As one of the earliest Black students at Duke University, she continued her advocacy, supporting campus workers and pushing for relevant education. A former university professor and research director, Joyce now directs the Jubilee Institute, fostering community-based leadership and training. She serves on various boards, including the North Carolina NAACP State Executive Board and the Guilford Education Alliance. Joyce, alongside her husband, Rev. Nelson N. Johnson, played a pivotal role in establishing the Truth and Community Reconciliation Project in Greensboro, N.C. Recognized with numerous awards for their transformative work, their dedication spans almost four decades, bringing about significant social and economic change. Joyce and Rev. Johnson are proud parents and grandparents.