Abolish our current juvenile carceral system and reinvest in community-based opportunities for healing and growth for our young people and their families.  

The Problem

Los Angeles County spends $570 million to incarcerate and surveil our young people, despite a long, documented history of sexually, emotionally and physically harming the young people in their care. Probation unions, media and many mainstream narratives have focused on how the young people currently under Probation supervision are a different breed, dangerous, murderers, monsters. This language prevents young people and their families from building out and accessing alternatives rooted in transformative justice and healing. 

The abuses faced by youth in LA’s halls and camps are not happening because the probation department lacks funds or training; LA County has poured resources into this department for decades, but conditions have only worsened despite reduced populations and year over year increases in funding. 

While these issues plague Los Angeles County at an unprecedented rate, the abuses are emblematic of the entire juvenile system in California. The abuses are systemic and deep-rooted in the culture of incarceration and Probation.  

Our Vision

Our Youth Justice team envisions and works toward a future where children, youth and their families are free from systems of surveillance and control and live with dignity, hope, and joy. 

The Solution

The myriad of oppressive systems that criminalize and devalue Black and Brown youth often hide behind legal technicalities and statutes that were written in the heyday of mass incarceration. For systemic transformation to occur, these laws need to be called out, amended or superseded for us to build new, care-first policies and we must shift power by building a coalition of advocates, system-impacted youth and their families to challenge our state’s continued investment in the control and surveillance of Black and brown youth.